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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

We have tens-of-thousands of touching stories from our customers. Each one inspires us to do our absolute best here at V Shred to provide you with top-notch exercise programs, quality supplements, and only the best community of support and customer service. 

In honor of Veterans Day, I want to share an incredibly touching transformation from a customer named Chris. 

Chris is one of our V Shred members and a U.S. Veteran that served our country for almost 14 years.

His story touched me so much that I asked him to sit down and do a video interview that I could share with you.

After two tours to Afghanistan, two tours to Iraq, and being stationed all over the world serving our country and fighting for our freedom, Chris was left with PTSD that led to emotional pain, addiction, and a man in the mirror he could barely recognize.

“I was in a really bad spot after the service.  I was using a lot to self medicate. Slowly but surely I put on the pounds and got horribly out of shape,” says Chris. 

Earlier this year, Chris knew he had to do something to get his life back. He happened to run across a V Shred advertisement for our body type quiz, took it, and decided to start the V Shred Ripped In 90 Days program.

It took him a little while to get going. He even stopped and restarted a couple of times. But with the support of friends, family, and our V Shred community, Chris completed the program, and in only 4 months lost 43 pounds!! 

 I know his story is going to touch and inspire you!!

Chris’ refusal to give up and his physical transformation of dropping from 222 pounds to 179 pounds is no doubt remarkable on its own. But the internal changes that came about during his weight-loss journey are what really tugged at my heartstrings.

We chatted about what it’s like to serve on the front lines and the struggles many of our Veterans face when they return home.

While Chris is still overcoming his PTSD, he shared with me how exercise has given him an outlet for his anxiety and a sense of purpose after coming home and returning to civilian life.

We are honored to be part of his transformation and overall journey to becoming healthy, inside and out.

On behalf of everyone at V Shred, I want to send a big thank you to Chris for his service to our country. We are inspired by your commitment to yourself and excited to watch you continue to reach your goals!


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