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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Let’s cut straight through the science and answer your question….


It depends on who you are asking! 

You see, everyone’s body is built a little bit differently. Assuming each exercise is done with PROPER FORM and you aren’t trying to throw around more weight than ONLY YOUR GLUTES can actually lift, it may boil down to personal preference and your body type!


The Hip Thrust does seem to have a slight edge over its very similar cousin, The Glute Bridge.


We should probably first make sure you know the difference between the two! 

They do sort of look the same because they are essentially the same movement (hey are both bent-leg hip extension exercises that target your glutes) … but they are not the same.

For a full explanation of all the DIFFERENCES and SIMILARITIES (and how to properly execute each exercise), we are going to let Vince break it down for you in this easy to understand video!

To sum it up … 

  • Both are pretty vital for BUILDING a better backside.
  • Both target the glutes and also recruit (to a lesser extent) some hamstrings.
  • Both are great if you are looking to increase strength and hypertrophy of the glutes.
  • Both can be done with using bands, dumbbells, barbells, and other weighted objects.
  • Both can also be done using only bodyweight.
  • The Hip Thrust is done with your back elevated on a raised step or bench.
  • The Glute Bridge is done while lying on the ground on your back.
  • The Hip Thrust typically has a pretty broad range of motion.
  • The Glute Bridge has a shorter range of motion.
  • The Hip Thrust can also be hard to nail with proper form without some practice.
  • The Glute Bridge may be best for beginners.
  • Some people feel The Hip Thrust quite a bit in their quads.
  • Most people don’t seem to have this issue with The Glute Bridge.

                 **But this could also be due to improper form or loading too much weight**

There is definitely a place for both The Hip Thrust and The Glute Bridge in your program, as well as many other glute isolation exercises — like kickbacks, pull-throughs, reverse hypers,  and many more!

We have a complete BOOTY BUILDING PROGRAM that you can check out if you want to know how to train your backside from all angles…. which is really important since your glutes are made up of so many different muscles and fibers.