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Brandon Shares His Inspiring Transformation Story During a One-on-One Interview with V Shred & Sculpt Nation Co-Founder Vince Sant.

“Everything seems impossible till you do it. Nothing seems impossible now.”
Brandon – V Shred Client 

“I tried working out before I found your program. I didn’t really know what I was doing, just throwing weights around. I wasn’t seeing any progress,” remembers Brandon before discovering V Shred. 

Brandon wasn’t exactly sure what he was looking for when he stumbled across V Shred, he just knew he had gained about 80 pounds, was unhealthy, unhappy, and something had to change.

“I was sitting on the couch eating some cheetos or something and flipping through Facebook, and I saw your ad on there, and I clicked on it, watched the videos, and thought I’m gonna do it, this is it,”  he says.

Brandon’s starting point was 210 pounds and close to 28 percent body fat. He says he jiggled when he walked and got too winded to play with his young kids. 

Now? After a grueling 18 months of going back and forth between Ripped In 90 Days and Clean Bulk — Brandon is 151 pounds, 7.8% body fat, and feels the healthiest he has in his entire life!  

“That was the coolest part about the whole thing is watching my body shrink and muscles are starting to develop, and you can see them,” says Brandon

Brandon loved our programs so much he completed Ripped In 90 Days a total of 6 times and Clean Bulk twice. But says the custom diet plan was the real game-changer, especially during his clean bulk phases.  

“It was cool because it was the right kind of food. I am putting on muscle and watching myself get bigger, not fatter.”

Brandon’s results also motivated one of his sons to hit the gym and his wife to jump on board too! 

“She did at home workouts, lost 30 pounds,” he says. 

Brandon says it’s not just the aesthetic changes, inspiring others, or even the health benefits from losing weight — he says his entire life has changed for the better since finding V Shred a year and a half ago. 

“My confidence level has gone up a lot. It’s really reflected in my life. My career has taken off. Bought our first house, got both our kids cars, 3 kids, two are teens.” 

The 43-year old says the biggest advice he has for anyone thinking about purchasing one of our programs and getting started is simple — invest in yourself! 

“I feel like I can do anything. It’s not just the training, and it’s not just the food, it’s the package deal, everything has come into play where Over the past year and a half I’ve seen myself do things I didn’t know I could do!”

To hear more about Brandon’s V Shred journey and learn which supplements were his favorite to use that helped him recover faster from his workouts, amplify his results, and improve his sleep — click the video box at the top of this page! 

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Brandon’s Case Study is the story of Brandon’s  unique experience with V Shred and his weight loss and fitness journey.  His results are uniquely his and this Case Study is a detailed presentation of Brandon’s decision making and use of V Shred products and programs. There is no assurance that your personal experience will be similar to his.