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Summer Shares Her Incredible V Shred Review and Transformation Story During a One-on-One Interview with V Shred Co-Founder, Vince Sant

Real V Shred Review and Customer Transformation Story from Summer W.

“When I look back, I don’t even recognize myself. I’m so glad I found V Shred and was able to get out of that dark place and come into the light and be a new person.”

Today we are spotlighting one of our most remarkable V Shred reviews and transformations. 

Summer lost 70 pounds (and 15 pant sizes) with the help of a custom diet and our FAT LOSS XTREME program!! 

Summer’s weight issues started like many women. She gained an unhealthy amount of body fat during pregnancy and then struggled to lose it post-baby. 

Until she found V Shred!

Today, the 23-year-old mom of 2 and 5-year-old boys is a fit and healthy 128 pounds, wears size 1 pants, and says she looks and feels better than she did in high school. 

Now, here is the crazy part. This is probably going to be hard for you to believe. Her transformation only took 7 months!!

While each person’s weight-loss journey will be a little different, and everyone won’t lose weight as quickly as Summer, we know her story will motivate you! Check out 100s of other V Shred reviews here.


When Summer started with V Shred, she was at her heaviest – 215 pounds.

She had no energy, got winded from merely walking, couldn’t play with her boys, and was in such a dark place that she wouldn’t even look at herself in the mirror.

“My life before the Fat Loss Xtreme was very dark. I would just mope around. I barely wanted to leave my house. It was such an unhappy life,” says Summer.

Her struggles began when she gained an unhealthy 90 pounds during her first pregnancy about 6 years ago.

“I was able to lose a little bit of that, but then I got pregnant again, gained it all back, and then kinda sat at that weight for a while.” 

Summer tried to diet and exercise on her own but just couldn’t seem to figure out how to lose more than a couple of pounds and could never keep it off. 

“No matter what, I fluctuated between 198 and 215 pounds,” remembers Summer.

Summer was frustrated. She knew she needed to lose weight but had no motivation and no clue where to turn. Until one day, she stumbled across a V Shred advertisement on social media. 

“I watched the video. and it was so explanatory. It talked about body types, metabolic confusion, and carb cycling. It went into full detail and was nothing like I’d ever seen before.”

The program sounded perfect, but like most people, Summer was pretty reluctant.

What if the program is all hype?
What if I spend my hard-earned money and it doesn’t work?
What if I fail (again)?
What if the workouts are too hard and not sustainable?

Summer knew she was only making excuses. So she stopped trying to come up with every reason not to change and purchased FAT LOSS XTREME. 

She even took things a step further and upgraded to a custom diet plan, which she says is what really gave her the clarity she needed to see such drastic results! 

“The personalized meal plan put it all out in front of me and made it so much easier to get everything going.”

Summer completed the first 30 days of her custom diet and Fat Loss Xtreme and lost 35 pounds!! She felt amazing but wasn’t at her goal weight yet, so she went in for round two!

After two back-to-back completions of FAT LOSS XTREME and sticking to her custom diet plan, Summer lost an astounding 70 pounds in just 7 months.

 “I was lost, and then I came across V Shred. Now, I’m another person. I am so confident, I feel beautiful, and I’m wearing clothes that I wouldn’t have worn even in high school.”

Summer went from a size 16 to a size 1. That’s right… 15 pant sizes in just 7 months!

Being a mom of two young children, you would never think that this could be possible. But with the help of V Shred, I made the impossible possible. I turned my can’ts into cans.”

Summer’s 7-month transformation is no doubt one of our most extreme. So, how did she see such insane results in such a short time?

  • NOT from crazy amounts of boring cardio.
  • NOT from starving herself or cutting out all carbs.

Summer put in MAX effort every single day! Even when every muscle in her body hurt and the scale would sometimes go up instead of down. 

“It is not just a straight-down slope. There was a point where I would go a week or more and not lose a pound, or maybe even gain. Also, in the beginning. you are like a wounded little soldier! But as time goes on, you will feel amazing, your body will start getting  tougher, and you can take those punches.”

If you want a transformation like Summers, you can’t just “click buy” and expect to see results…..

You have to give it your all, be consistent, and remain 100% committed  during the highs and the lows!!!

But Summer says there are features within V Shred that seem to be different from other programs she’s seen. Things she credits for making her transformation faster and easier.

Aside from being able to do all of her workouts from the comfort of her own home and being taught how to eat for her body type and goals, Summer says the V Shred community kept her encouraged and motivated.

Thanks to our private Facebook Group, Summer said she never felt alone and always had someone answering her questions and cheering her on!

“I think the FB group is one of the most underrated parts of the program. Going in there and  getting help, having the trainers answer questions and the love in that  group is amazing. I mean, I’ve gotten over 13,000 likes on my photos. When you try to do it on your own, it can be a lot more  difficult. V Shred gives you that jumpstart on what you need to do.” 

Summer is now maintaining her new physique all on her own, using everything she learned during her 7 months with V Shred. However, she is thinking of starting our new at-home no-equipment program MOVE.

If you are considering MOVE, Fat Loss Xtreme, or any of our other programs,  Summer says she has one piece of advice if you are like she was and hesitant to get started …. 

“You can change your whole life starting TODAY if you really want to. If you are unhappy, if you are depressed, if you are just eating your emotions, you can’t let that go on anymore. You have to do something to better yourself, and V Shred will help you achieve your goals.”

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