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Struggling to lose weight and can’t find the best weight loss exercises? No need to get so stressed! With a wide variety of weight loss workouts, you’ll definitely cut down that excess weight you were trying so hard to get rid of. Keep in mind, just one of these won’t cut it! To get a full workout going, try combining a few and really push yourself. Read on to learn which best weight loss exercises are perfect for you!

21 Best Weight Loss Exercises to Help Burn Fat


1. HIIT Cardio Workout | HIIT Training 101 This Is How You Shred Fast

HIIT Cardio Workout | HIIT Training 101 This Is How You Shred Fast | Best Weight Loss Exercises To Shed Fat | workout program

Who doesn’t want to burn fat faster? We all do, right? This HIIT cardio workout will help you achieve that goal.

2. How To Do Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is one of the basic cardio exercises that are simple and easy to do anywhere and anytime. This exercise is proven effective to shred fat and improve metabolism

3. 10-Minute Workout: Jump Rope to Skip Yourself Slim

A fun and playful form of exercise is skipping. With only one tool, a jump rope, most people will surely enjoy this.

4. Beginner’s Fat-Loss Program

Beginner’s Fat-Loss Program | Best Weight Loss Exercises To Shed Fat | workout program

For starters, this workout program is one of the best weight loss exercises you can start with. It has two sets of exercises that provide a good balance between cardio and strength.

5. Scorch Fat With a Full-Body Cross-Trainer Workout

This workout equipment offers a handful of health benefits, especially in shredding fat. The cross-trainer allows your shoulders, arms, and lower body to move.

6. Butt Kicker Exercises

Take your jogging exercise to the next level with a butt kicker workout. This does not only help burn fat but also improve your glutes and hamstrings.

7. How to Do Plank Jacks

Train all your core muscles! Plank jacks exercise targets belly fat, one of the most stubborn fatty areas of the body.

8. How to Do the Perfect Push-Up

Push-ups are popular for burning fat and toning muscles, but many struggle with it because they are doing it wrong. With this push-up exercise, you’ll shred fat in no time.

9. The Basic Bridge Exercise for a Better Butt

Bridge exercise does a lot of good for your glutes, but most importantly, it also helps build abdominal muscles. It melts away belly fat and allows you to form that enticing six-pack.

10. Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Deadlift | Best Weight Loss Exercises To Shed Fat | workout program

Barbell deadlifts help shape your butt and hip areas better. As it works these areas, it also lets you release more sweat and makes you burn fat effectively.

11. Melt Body Fat With H.I.I.T. Circuit Training

Level up your HIIT with circuit training. This program consists of four rounds of exercises to potentially melt away that unwanted fat.

12. Step Right Into Side Lunges

Side lunges are one of the best weight loss exercises that provides a good workout for your thighs, hips, and glutes. It also targets lower body major muscles while allowing you to reduce your weight.

13. Bicycle Crunch Exercise

Aiming for a 6 pack aside from just burning fat? Bicycle crunch is the perfect exercise for you; it makes your abdominal area do much of the work.

14. The Basic Bodyweight Triceps Exercise That Works

Here’s another weight loss workout that doesn’t need any equipment. This improves your triceps while letting you sweat much.

15. Jackknife Sit-up

This exercise requires your whole body to stretch as much as it can. You can even play your favorite music while performing this and stretch along with the beat.

16. Know Your Basics: How to Do a Lunge

Know Your Basics: How to Do a Lunge | Best Weight Loss Exercises To Shed Fat | workout program

Perform your exercise anywhere and anytime! Lunges just need to be done properly so you don’t risk straining your joints.

17. How to Overhead Press with Proper Form: The Definitive Guide

Here’s a full-body workout that benefits your arms and shoulders more. With this, you’ll not only build muscles for your arms and shoulders but will also let you burn fat properly.

18. How to Do Tuck Jumps Without Destroying Your Knees and Ankles

Get rid of your fat by doing tuck jumps! This exercise is a bit more challenging but effectively burns calories.

19. Speed Skater: You Can Do This Quick Cardio Workout Anywhere

Have fun moving with speed skater! To make fat burning more exciting, play an upbeat music and move along with the beat.

20. Front Kicks with Squat

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Kick-start your day with some front kicks. But, these are not your ordinary front kicks because you’ll be mixing it with squats to make fat shredding more effective.

21. Quick Feet Exercise – Toned and Fast

Do this workout with a partner! Quick feet exercise strengthens your legs with increasing speed while allowing you to sweat much.


Interested to shape up your back? Watch this back workout video:

With these best weight loss exercises, you’ll surely burn fat effectively and efficiently. Just remember to do these workouts properly, so the results are quick and noticeable. You can even choose from exercises with or without equipment, whichever suits you best. The important thing is to make the most out of your chosen workout and achieve that figure you deserve!

Which of these best weight loss exercises works great for you? Comment down below!

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