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Is your bicep workout not giving you the result you want? Then it’s time you switch to a simpler, quicker, and more convenient bicep workout plan to get those gains you’re looking for. You can do this exercise plan anywhere you have access to a door. Here, we’ll show you two exercises that will work on your inner and outer bicep heads.

Bicep Workout | Work Your Inner and Outer Bicep Heads

Understanding The Functions of Your Bicep Heads

Understanding The Functions of Your Bicep Heads | Quick Bicep Workout for Bigger Arms | bicep workout plan

Your bicep primarily consists of two heads: the inner or short head, and the outer or long head. Your inner bicep head is responsible for the thickness of your biceps, while your outer head is responsible for giving the outside of your arms a toned, strong appearance.

Working out each of these bicep heads correctly will give you the exact definition you want for your biceps.

Bicep Workout For Your Outer Head

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The first thing you need to do is place the resistance band under the door. Make sure the door anchor, the thick part that won’t let the resistance band slide under, is securely caught under your door for a strong grip.

Once the resistance band is in position, begin with a standing position, with your back to the door and your arms extended back, holding the resistance band. This way, it puts your outer bicep head into a stretch while putting your inner bicep head into a relaxed state.

Start curling up for 10 reps, keeping your elbow behind you. Make sure you pull the resistance band as far as you can, so you achieve good contraction with your muscles.

Bicep Workout For Your Inner Head

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With the resistance band still in place, and still in position from the previous exercise, turn around and face the resistance band. Position your elbows in front of your body while holding the resistance band and move your feet a few inches forward so your body is bent slightly back.

Start pulling the resistance band up, keeping your elbows in the same position, with your hands facing upward. Do 10 reps, and pull the band as hard as you can so you can feel the tension in your muscles.

How Many Sets Should Be Followed For Each Exercise?

There’s no recommended number of times you’ll do these exercises. The important thing to remember is to perform as many sets as you can until you can no longer do 10 reps for each.

Do both exercises alternately without compromising your form. By following these tips, you’ll definitely improve those inner and outer bicep heads.


For more about this bicep workout plan, watch this video below:

With this bicep workout plan, you’ll start seeing more toned arms overall. It’s also a definite plus that you can do this at home when you don’t have time to make it into the gym. Start adding these two bicep workouts to your plan now!

How many sets of this bicep workout plan can you do? Tell us in the comments section below!

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