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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Rest times is one of those topics that people on the internet love to argue about. So what’s the best time for you and your goals?



You can google all you want, but there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to the popular question of “how long should I rest between sets.” You’ll find plenty of recommendations — and plenty of people who claim to have the answer — but it varies dramatically between different coaches.

When there aren’t hard-and-fast rules, common sense can guide you in the right direction. Here’s our common-sense recommendations.

Be Flexible With Rest Time

If you’re doing a follow-along video workout, like in Fat-Loss Extreme For Women, Fat-Loss Extreme For Men, MOVE,  our Facebook groups for men or women, or in V-Shred University, a good plan rest as however long the coach in the video tells you to rest.

But even these rest times aren’t set in stone. If you’re one round in and you feel like your heart is in your throat, or you’re about to lose your lunch, just pause the video and rest a little longer. Don’t worry, doing this won’t sabotage your results in the least!

Now, suppose you’re following one of our gym-based programs, like Clean Bulk. In that case, our suggestion is that you rest about 60-90 seconds between sets of weighted exercises. That’s long enough to catch your breath and let your muscles recover, but not so long that you’ll totally cool down.

Again, this can also be altered to your fitness level. If you need to take a bit longer, like 2 or 3 minutes, and it will help you bring more intensity or lift more weight on the next set, that’s fine.

That said… it’s important to use your gym time as efficiently as possible. If you need to rest a little longer, take it, but only if you REALLY need it. Otherwise, get off your phone, stop socializing, and get to work.

Don’t sell yourself short, but also listen to your body! Recovery both in and out of the gym is crucial to seeing results! So take the time you need!

And if you find yourself struggling during your workout, that’s where the best workout-boosting supplements can be your best training partner. Consider pounding some Sculpt Nation PRE 15-30 minutes before a tough workout that, or supplementing with some intra-workout “fuel” in the form of Sculpt Nation BCAAs while your lift!

Let The Experts Help You

If you’re completely puzzled by rest times, if you are pushing hard enough, or by how to train for your goal of weight loss or muscle gain, you’re not alone. So let us help you!

V-Shred has a team of of highly qualified coaches who create customized workout programs and diet plans for thousands of people every day. This is what helped them build the bodies they’ve always wanted — and figure out the right way to train to keep those results once they earn them!

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