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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Wondering if all those V Shred reviews you see are real and if it actually works? You’ve probably seen our ads all over the internet and are wondering, is V Shred legit? 

We wanted to share 3 of V Shred’s biggest success stories so you can decide for yourself! Read their stories. Watch their video testimonials. And hopefully we’ll see you in the V Shred Hall of Fame soon!  

Paula: Rediscovering Youth at 58

Paula says that even at 58 years old, she often feels like she’s in her 20’s. That’s what’s possible when you go through an amazing health transformation like she did.

“Feeling 28 at 58,” Paula says, is about looking AND feeling amazing. 

The Journey

Paula was always health conscious. She exercised. Ate clean. So when the pounds packed around her belly, and she watched her energy starting to dip…

She couldn’t believe it. Immediately, she set out to find a way to shed the extra pounds, and thankfully she ran into V Shred. 

“Believe in yourself, trust in V-Shred,” she says. 

Paula immediately started her program and decided to work with a trainer. V Shred has Certified Personal Trainers on their team to help people who need that extra accountability, support, and customization.

In a matter of months, she torched 15 pounds off her body, and she looks like a swimsuit model at 58 years old.


Renae’s Motherhood Journey

Could you imagine juggling four kids… a hectic job… and trying to lose weight?

To Renae, managing all of these things felt impossible. She didn’t think she would be able to add on a diet and exercise program to all of her chaos…

But She Did It

When she first heard of V Shred, she was skeptical, she didn’t think that a program with such short workouts and simple nutrition would work. But she tried it, she signed up for the V Shred Program… and the results were incredible. (Especially in her legs and glutes). 


“More energy, happiness, and efficiency” that’s how Renae feels now. She has the energy and vitality to be there for her children… she’s come a long way with our help.

Find out more about Renae’s V Shred review and story here:

Conrad’s 460 Pound Transformation

One day, Conrad stepped on the scale, and he realized that he wasn’t going to be there for his children.

He weighed in at an enormous 460 pounds, and he knew that if something didn’t change, he probably didn’t have much time left on the planet. 

Things HAD To Change

Conrad had no other choice, things had to work this time, there wouldn’t be another chance. 

That’s when he ran into V Shred, and his personal coach from our team, Adam. Adam helped him craft a custom diet and exercise plan, which he immediately started…

And since then, he has dropped an amazing 186 pounds. Not only is his body lighter and skinnier, but there’s a night and day difference in the way he feels. Conrad’s V Shred review is a testament to what’s possible.

“Don’t hesitate. This is your moment,” Conrad says. There’s no time to wait… every day you spend with extra fat, you’re inviting something bad to happen.

Are You Going To Be Our Next Success Story?

Paula, Renae, and Conrad are here to inspire you.

Maybe you’re struggling with your weight and body right now. You’ve tried the fad diets, the marathon cardio programs, you’re sick and tired of hearing all these different opinions.

But V Shred brings real transformation, not just opinions. We’re in the business of helping people lose weight, which is why we’ve already helped millions of people… and why we have a library filled with thousands of case studies and testimonials. Check out more of the latest V Shred reviews here.

Extreme results are featured. Some customers extend their programs to achieve their results. See our Testimonial Support Page for typical results.