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The Future Of Fat Loss Revealed (It sounds too good to be true)

If there was a magic pill that allowed you to not exercise, eat what you want, and never gain an ounce of fat… everyone would be walking around with a six-pack and a slice of pizza.

There is no such thing.

But if some of the top researchers in the world are correct .. there may be a BIOLOGICAL “LOOPHOLE” … that helps support the speed of the metabolism (which dictates how much fat you can lose.)

It’s so effective… they are calling it “THE FUTURE OF FAT LOSS”!!

This IS going to sound too good to be true.
This IS going to sound like a bunch of hype.

Because this loophole is NOT a diet plan, a workout video, or anything else you may think of when it comes to burning fat.

We had a hard time believing it too.

But the science on this one is pretty clear.
This discovery is all about how your body, and your fat cells, communicate.

Once you change this communication process, it seems that it is possible to force your body to support burning it’s deepest fat stores. You know, the ones that seem immune to hardcore workouts and ultra-strict diets.

It can all happen because of something called … Simultaneous Fat Release.


How do you promote the activation of your body’s “simultaneous fat release” capabilities?
We are about to tell you!!

It’s crazy!! But once you know how to change the conversation that’s happening between your fat cells… you can finally help alter the way your body burns fat ..rapidly!

For real! This hack only takes about 30 seconds to add to your day!!

Before we tell you what scientists say the solution is .. let’s go back to the first discovery researchers made .. so that we can better understand why all this happens to begin with.

Researchers found that our fat cells talk to each other. It’s called Fat Cell Signaling.

Fat cells are not merely big blobs that sit in silence. They are rather chatty and not only talk to each other, but to other cells in your body.

Right now, as you read this, your fat cells are deciding whether or not they are going to put your body into fat-burning mode or fat-storing mode.

If you NEVER struggle with your weight… congrats! That means your fat cells are probably having a nice chat.

However, if you feel like you struggle to lose weight, those same 10 pounds keep coming back, most diets fail, or you can’t seem to get rid of “stubborn” areas of fat .. your fat cells are most likely having a conversation you don’t want them to have.

Most of us fall into that second category because our bodies were designed to store fat.

Chances are the conversation your cells are having over-and-over again ..
is to HOLD ON to fat .. not burn it.

This means you can do all the cardio in the world and eat an overly restrictive diet but still be holding on to a stubborn layer of fat!

Of course, how much body fat you have will depend on lots of factors (diet, exercise, stress, sleep, genetics, etc.) But your fat cells ultimately make this decision through that constant communication (fat cell signaling).

This new research also explains why some of the most popular American diets don’t work long term. Sorry “keto” and “low-fat” .. science says your restrictive diets DO NOT have the ability to change the way your fat cells communicate.

However, scientists discovered a receptor in your body that CAN help alter this communication process. Once “activated”, it can help complement any “diet” and exercise program you choose.
It’s called the TRPV1 Receptor.

A professor of neurosurgery, biological chemistry, and neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was the first to discover this receptor.

You have TRPV1 Receptors throughout your entire body. Their main job is to regulate your body’s temperature and energy usage. It kicks in when your body temperature increases.

For example, when you are doing cardio or working out. TRPV1 senses this temperature spike and tells your fat cells to start burning their contents for energy.

Now it’s time to tell you about that “loophole” we mentioned.

Scientists discovered that when these receptors are activated, they help tell your fat cells to start communicating differently. They tell them to burn themselves for energy, instead of holding on and storing in places like your stomach and thighs.

This is important….
It means that TRPV1 can actually alter the conversation that’s happening between your fat cells. In fact, they found when you activate TRPV1 Receptors, you can support fat burning virtually EVERYWHERE .

The ability to burn fat EVERYWHERE all at once is called “Simultaneous Fat Release.”

This process can force your body to support burning the fat you already have (even your deepest fat stores)..

Simultaneous Fat Release can fundamentally transform your body’s relationship with fat… because once you activate your body’s “simultaneous fat release” capabilities.. you can stay in fat-burning support mode virtually all day …burning unhealthy fat build-up EVERYWHERE in your body.

HOW TO ACTIVATE TRPV1 RECEPTORS (simultaneous fat release)

As mentioned, one way to activate the TRPV1 Receptors is through super-intense workouts.
But scientists have found that we can also activate our TRV1 Receptors another way.

They discovered that these receptors can also be activated by eating a common spice found in red chili peppers. It’s called Capsaicin.

Over the years, NUMEROUS studies have been done on the effectiveness of Capsaicin.

Here are the findings of only A FEW ….

  • “Capsaicin was found to enhance energy expenditure and fat burning in humans, particularly those with a high Body Mass Index (BMI.)”
  • “Participants in the Capsaicin group saw a significant decrease in stomach fat when used as part of a weight management program.”
  • “The Capsaicin group lost nearly double the weight of the placebo group.”
  • “The Capsaicin group increased their body’s fat-burning potential by up to 46.4% when used daily for 8 weeks, while the placebo group saw no improvement at all.”
  • “Capsaicin activates TRPV1 Receptors and significantly increases metabolism and fat burning potential.”

OF COURSE, it’s not as easy as eating some red chili peppers!!

All of the studies mentioned used a Capsaicin supplement. That is because the amount of chili peppers needed to activate your TRPV1 receptors is very high. It would make you physically sick if you attempted to EAT that many chili peppers (don’t do that.)

With a supplement, you can safely consume Capsaicin at a much higher quantity.

BEFORE YOU EXIT THIS ARTICLE and attempt to “google” Capsaicin .. there is something very important you need to know about this spice.

The supplement form of Capsaicin isn’t hard to find. However, it can vary dramatically both in quality and effectiveness.

You have to ensure that the Capsaicin you choose is time-released and has a special coating.

For that reason, there’s only one form of Capsaicin that we stand behind. This specific formula of Capsaicin has already helped over 1.2 Million people (and counting) finally lose fat and help keep it off when combined with diet and exercise!

THIS FORM OF CAPSAICIN is in high demand – but very limited supply.

Only a select group of supplement manufacturers can get access to this specific form of Capsaicin.

Whether you are making progress but can’t seem to blast that last bit of fat, or are just getting started and have a long way to go, you can provide support to help SPEED UP fat loss once you tell your fat cells how to communicate with each other!

Learn more about this scientific discovery and the one of a kind formula that changes the way your body both burns and holds on to stubborn fat….