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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

If you are looking for an ab workout that can help create the abdominal “v-shape” you’ve always wanted — we have an 8 minute follow along you need to add to your ab workout routine!

Essentially, you are trying to develop your “v-lines” – which are the part of your stomach where your lower abs and obliques come together.

If you want these lines to pop, it takes some strategic ab work! You can’t just get on the floor and do some crunches and sit-ups.

You need to do several things, including target training a very specific part of your core — which is exactly what we are doing in this workout!

You don’t need any weights or equipment and if you are using our FOLLOW ALONG VIDEO BELOW, you won’t even need a timer!

Before we give you the workout …. if your goal is to build VISIBLE abs, we need to quickly talk about something important.

If you only care about developing core strength and don’t care if you see the abs you are building, then feel free to scroll down and skip straight to the ab workout.

But if you care about SEEING your abs, listen up!

Ab workouts ALONE will not give you VISIBLE AB DEFINITION

Ab workouts help build your ab muscles, but to see them, you have to get rid of the fat covering them, and the only way to do that is to focus on OVERALL body fat reduction!

This can ONLY be achieved in two ways …

Full Body Training — The more lean muscle you have all over your body, the faster your metabolism will be, which means you will burn more calories even while at rest!

Proper Nutrition — You can’t crunch, or even squat and run, your way to a flat stomach or shredded six-pack. You have to focus on your diet if you want to have visible abs! Your diet is just as important as exercise (probably more) to reduce overall body fat.


This is especially true with diet!

The program that works for your friend or favorite fitness influencer probably isn’t the right one for you. You have to hit your personal macros and split them up in the right protein, carb, and fat ratios that are best for your goals and body type.

If you need help with any of this, we have a free fitness quiz that will tell you your body type, the exact amount of calories (broken down into macros) that you need for your genetics and goals, and the three most important things to do to reach those goals.

It’s really quick to take, your results are instant, and it’s free!

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Alright .. let’s hit the floor … and build some v cut abs

We will specifically be targeting the obliques the most since that is the part of your abs that really helps create the v taper of your waist!

Since this workout is heavily focused on that part of your core, you will need to use this workout in addition to other ab workouts that hit the rest of your core just as hard!

We have hundreds of free ab workouts to choose from on our YouTube Channel if you need some ideas.


Here is the breakdown, so you know what to expect when following along with us, or in case you want to print out the workout and do the workout on your own!

Equipment: NONE!! You don’t even need a timer if you follow along to THIS VIDEO.

Structure: 20 seconds on – 10 seconds rest – for each exercise.

Rounds: Two

Total Workout Time: 8 minutes (if you do not rest between rounds.)

Workout Breakdown
20 seconds – Side to side crunches
10 rest

20 seconds – Side to side crunches
10 rest

20 seconds – Side Plank Hip Dips (Left Side)
10 rest

20 seconds – Side Plank Hip Dip (Right Side)
10 seconds rest

20 seconds – Floor Wipers
10 rest

20 seconds – Floor Wipers
10 rest

20 seconds – Mountain Climbers
10 rest

20 seconds – Mountain Climbers
10 rest

Repeat for one additional round!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to take our free fitness quiz!

Then send the quiz, or this article, to a friend that you see doing endless crunches in hopes of melting body fat or sculpting a shredded six-pack.

We’ve gotta get the word out that even the best ab workouts will never be enough if it’s visible abs you are seeking — because you can’t pick and choose where your body stores or loses fat!

We know it sucks.

It’s not fair that some people genetically lose fat in their stomachs easier than others. But instead of complaining about it and doing things that aren’t effective, why not accept it and shift your mindset to what will work!

If you want to get started on that CLICK HERE to learn more about what full-body strength training program and a diet is best for you!