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You’re here because you’re one of those who asks after a workout, “Why do my joints hurt?” or “Why do all my joints hurt all the time?” There are many reasons for this. Knowing what they are can help you find the ideal joint pain treatment.

Why Do My Joints Hurt? | Know the Reasons

In this article:

  1. A Caveat
  2. Why Do My Joints Hurt after a Workout?
  3. Why Do My Joints Hurt after Drinking?
  4. Why Do My Joints Hurt in the Cold?
  5. What Joint Pain Remedies Are There?

A Caveat

Before I try to answer the question, “Why do my joints hurt?” let me start with a caveat.

Joint pain is not uncommon. Chronic pain is actually one of the common disabilities in the United States. In many cases, the sudden joint pain causes are treatable. They may also disappear over time or after a period of rest.

In some cases, the joint pain symptoms may have underlying causes. These can include fibromyalgia, especially if you have joint pain all over. It could also be due to rheumatoid arthritis. Old age can also be a factor.

The joint pain remedies then depend on the diagnosis and prognosis. Either way, you need specialized care.

Why Do My Joints Hurt After a Workout?

Now, let’s move on to the subject. To understand why you may feel joint pain after a workout, you should know how they work.

The joints connect the bones in the body. Many parts compose it. These include ligaments, tendons, more bones, and muscles. Besides connecting the bones, they help the skeletal system to move. Imagine a hinge on a door.

During a workout, the joints move to achieve your desired action or position. Sometimes, though, they hurt because of the following reasons:

1. Lack of Warm-Up

A lot of people come to me and ask me, “Why do my joints hurt? I followed all your instructions.” More often than not, they skipped the warm-up.

Warm-up exercises are essential. They help stretch the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It helps to naturally lubricate your joints by increasing the amount of synovial fluid that is released. You’re not suddenly requiring your muscles to work. They can ease into it. They become more flexible. In doing so, you reduce the risk of injury and joint pain.

2. Prolonged Training

A second common cause is training too long. Think about your joints as rubber bands. The more you stretch them, the more they lose their elasticity. In other words, they become less effective.

The joints need time to recover in between workout sessions. When training in high volume, never train the same muscle group more often than every three days. Or simply give yourself a day off in between workouts to allow the muscles to heal.

3. Extreme Training

joint pain symptoms | Extreme Training | Why Do My Joints Hurt After Working Out? | joint pain symptoms

Using too much weight will cause joint pain. Too many reps even at a low weight can do this. Using weights too heavy to lift can also be a problem. It puts too much strain on the joint. For example, you may develop joint pain in fingers.

4. Lack of Proper Form

There’s a good reason why trainers are important when working out, especially if you’re a beginner. You need to follow the correct form. These forms are important to ensure you’re using the muscles properly and not injuring yourself in the process.

5. Poor Nutrition

Exercise without a proper diet is useless. Nutrition can be a solution or can worsen the joint pain. It’s because the joints are not receiving the nutrients they need to heal well.

Why Do My Joints Hurt after Drinking?

I also encounter people who work out great. Sometimes, though, they ask me, “Why do my joints hurt even if I have the correct form?” I usually question them back, “Did you drink alcohol the night before?”

A significant part of taking care of your health is to avoid drinking alcohol. If you cannot do that, then at least do it moderately.

Drinking alcohol can cause muscle pain. It occurs when it limits the body’s ability to break down a substance called lactic acid. When lactic acid is high, the muscles hurt. They become sorer after a workout. Alcohol can also damage the body’s amino acids. These are essential in rebuilding the muscles.

Why Do My Joints Hurt in the Cold?

Many people experience joint pain when the temperature is low. It’s because the blood cannot flow well. When there’s less blood flow to an area, the area’s nerves cause pain signals to the brain. It can seem like the joint is stiff and hard to move.

Additionally, the barometric pressure in the air can impact joint pain. When pressure changes occur, it can increase the body’s natural inflammatory response. Inflammation impacting the joints causes pain.

What Joint Pain Remedies Are There?

joint pain symptoms | What Joint Pain Remedies Are There? | Why Do My Joints Hurt After Working Out? | joint pain symptoms

The most important recommendation here is to deal with the underlying cause.  If you’re making the mistakes listed here, it’s essential to fix those problems. For example, be sure to use weights properly. Warm up before a workout. Be smart with your sessions.

There are also natural remedies for joint pain and inflammation. You can also explore adding Epsom salt to your bath. Home remedies for joint pain in knees can include heat and cold packs. Ask your doctor if you can take joint pain supplements or joint pain vitamins.

If you’re looking for a natural supplement to help with joint pain or body fatigue, Turmeric is about as close to a miracle vitamin as it gets. Turmeric contains powerful compounds that can help…

  • Scavenge and destroy inflammatory substances in your body.
  • Help give you stronger, more flexible joints.
  • Help you recover rapidly from Your workouts, which could help you gain more lean muscle, faster.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to cut corners and maximize profits, many supplement companies use low-quality Turmeric in their supplements. They essentially fill their capsules with floor-sweepings and slap on a Turmeric label. This hurts people just like you who are just trying to achieve their dream body while living in comfort and having balanced inflammation levels.

Fortunately, Sculpt Nation’s TURMERIC is different. Their supplement formula uses only the highest-quality, pristine, pure Turmeric and each bottle guarantees the safest and highest quality ingredients available. Sculpt Nation NEVER sacrifices quality and is willing to put their money where their mouth is to prove that with their 100%, No-Questions-Asked Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee.

Try Turmeric for 60-days… if you’re not thrilled with your results, email and they will refund 100% of your purchase. Try TURMERIC for yourself risk-free here.

Along with proper supplementation, Diet modifications and weight loss are also important steps in improving joint pain. The extra weight can add more pressure to the bones and joints. It can also make it hard for the body to heal.

If you’re new to working out, I have a great tip for you. Watch my video on beginner ab workout for men and women:

When you’re working out, “Why do my joints hurt?” is a common question. The goal now is to minimize asking it. You can do that by taking care of yourself more. Check your form, eat right, avoid alcohol, and see your doctor if the pain persists.

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