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Surprise your favorite gym buddies with one of these 27 unique and practical gift ideas for fitness buffs.

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27 Best Gift Ideas for Fitness Buffs and Gym-Goers


Fitness Programs

1. Recipe Guide by V Shred

Is your friend having a hard time with meal prepping? We know how difficult it is to cook when you don’t know your way around the kitchen.

If your friend wants to start meal prepping but doesn’t know how then one of the best fitness gifts for them would be V Shred’s Recipe Guide.

What sets this guide apart from the rest is the fact that it’s written specifically for fitness buffs. Its main purpose is to help gym-goers achieve and maintain a healthy body through dieting.

Plus, unlike other cookbooks, it contains ingredients you can easily find around the house and in any grocery store.

2. Big Arms Program by V Shred

You can’t add an extra inch or two to your friend’s biceps this holiday season. But you can give them a workout plan that helps increase their arm mass.

The Big Arms Program by V Shred is a scientifically proven fitness plan made to create big, massive arms. If your workout buddies are struggling with their weak arms, then this is the perfect gift to give them.

Plus, what makes this program a notch above the others is the fact that the authors made it specifically for hard-gainers. Meanwhile, other arm routines only work on guys with naturally big arms.

This is definitely one of the best fitness Christmas gifts to give to your favorite gym buddy.

3. The Booty Builder by V Shred

Are you thinking of what the best fitness gifts for her are? Then you definitely have to check out V Shred’s The Booty Builder program.

It’s a comprehensive fitness plan specifically for women who want to build a tighter, firmer rear. If your female fitness buddies are struggling with their flat, droopy glutes, then they definitely need this.

Contrary to popular belief, lunges and squats don’t make the perfect leg day. The Booty Builder is a step-by-step program of all the exercises that women need to do to create sexy, head-turning glutes.

It’s among the best fitness gifts for her so she can say goodbye to cellulite and stubborn thigh fat forever.

4. Clean Bulk Program by V Shred

Many men use the holiday season as an excuse to binge eat. Afterward, they claim it’s all part of their bulking phase.

We know that dirty bulking isn’t efficient and it sacrifices hard-earned lean muscle mass. This holiday season, one of the best gifts for fitness lovers would be the Clean Bulk Program by V Shred.

The Clean Bulk Program is a step-by-step blueprint to help fitness buffs get large and shredded in just 90 days. It contains everything your buddy needs to know about packing on muscle mass without increasing their body fat levels. Plus, your buddy will learn the right techniques on how to bulk properly.

This may be the extra push they need to stop unnecessarily eating junk food during the holiday season.

5. Toned in 90 Days by V Shred

Spinning classes, Pilates, boxing; your friend may have done it all. But without proper guidance, they won’t achieve the toned, sexy physique they’re looking for.

The holiday season is a time when most people put on a little extra fat. If your buddy doesn’t want to gain weight, then you definitely have to consider ordering them the Toned in 90 Days program by V Shred.

This step-by-step routine is one of the best gifts for active women. You’re giving them a complete, comprehensive guide on how to maintain a tight physique even during the holidays.

It’s among the perfect fitness gifts for women who struggle with losing their love handles, arm flab, belly fat, and pudgy thighs. After a few months, your friend will thank you and tell you your gift helped them lose unwanted body fat even during the food-filled holidays.

6. Customized Diet and Training Plan for Him by V Shred

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to achieve your fitness goals. Gym-goers need to follow a customized fitness plan that suits them specifically.

If your gym buddy isn’t making progress, then one of the best health and fitness gifts you can give them is the Customized Diet and Training Plan for Him.

Unlike other training plans, this program adapts to the user’s lifestyle, goals, and needs. It’s the ultimate regimen your friend needs to make mind-blowing progress in as little time as possible.

The program consists of a step-by-step guide for your friend to follow. All he needs to do is eat what the program says to eat and lift whatever the routine dictates.

Your friend will thank you for the fact that your gift helped them be among the few who didn’t gain a single pound over the holidays. In fact, they might have already achieved a fitter physique by then.

7. Customized Diet and Training Plan for Her by V Shred

Is your female gym buddy getting the results she wants? If not, then one of the best workout gifts for her would be the Customized Diet and Training Plan for Her by V Shred.

It’s a step-by-step plan that explains exactly what women need to do to reach their fitness goal. The program contains a complete fitness plan your friend can commit to.

From the meals she eats to the weights she lifts, the blueprint explains it all. What’s more is the plan adjusts accordingly to their specific goals and needs.

All she needs to do is to drop her excuses and stick to this fitness plan. After just a few months, she’ll happily call you saying your gift helped her build a leaner, tighter physique.

8. Ripped in 90 Days by V Shred

At the start of the year, almost everyone swears they’ll commit to a healthier lifestyle. But only a handful actually stay true to their promise.

This year, give your gym buddies an effective workout guide they can follow after, or even during, the holidays: the Ripped in 90 Days program by V Shred.

It’s a complete step-by-step guide on how to achieve a lean, shredded physique in just three months. If they stick to this fitness plan, they can achieve their fitness goals even after all the holiday calories.

The program contains all the diet plans and workout routines your friends need. They won’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Important: This guide is specifically for gym-goers who want to trim down their body fat percentage. If your buddy wants to bulk up, try thinking of other gift ideas that may help them.

9. Fat Loss Extreme for Her by V Shred

Some common mistakes female gym-goers commit are starving themselves and doing too much cardio. If your gym buddy’s like this, then she may need this program.

The Fat Loss Extreme for Her is a complete fitness plan for women who want to lose body fat as soon as possible.

Spot reduction does not work. Starving oneself then hopping on a treadmill for hours on end is not the best way to lose fat.

Gym-goers need a comprehensive guide that includes an array of effective meal plans and workout regimens.

This holiday season, give your female workout buddy a fitness plan she can benefit from. After just three months, she’ll already see the results from the program.

Dietary Supplements

10. Burn PM by SculptNation

Burn PM by SculptNation | Cool Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiast

It hurts every time we hear a friend talk about insomnia. Sadly, we can only do so much for them.

If your fitness buddy is having trouble sleeping, then you should consider giving him or her some Burn PM for the holidays. This fitness Christmas gift is an all-natural supplement that promotes better sleeping quality.

As a result, your friend will wake up every morning feeling refreshed and energetic, as opposed to feeling sluggish and drained.

Plus, it stimulates the fat-burning state so the user’s body can continue to burn calories even as they sleep.

Instead of the conventional wine and fruit cakes, opt to give your workout buddy great sleep, energetic mornings, and better metabolism this coming holiday season.

11. Neuroctane by SculptNation

A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. If the mind is brimming with negative thoughts, then the body will react negatively as well.

One of the best healthy gifts to give your buddy this Christmas is the Neuroctane supplement. It’s a mind-enhancing pill that helps the user increase focus, think clearer, and improve memory retention.

It’s among the best gift ideas for fitness lovers who seem to struggle with focus and mind clarity. If your pal seems to hit a foggy wall in the middle of the day where they can’t focus, then they need this mind-enhancing supplement.

This might be the supplement your workout buddy needs to unlock their full potential –both inside and outside of the gym.

12. HGH Boost by SculptNation

HGH Booster by SculptNation | Cool Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiast

Many athletes take anabolic steroids to increase their HGH levels. However, these drugs may affect the user’s body negatively.

If you want to help your gym buddy achieve a massive, shredded physique fast without using performance-enhancing drugs, then the HGH Booster is the perfect gift for them.

It’s a dietary supplement that naturally stimulates HGH production. The HGH Booster is ideal for men suffering from low growth hormone levels.

Plus, HGH levels don’t only help the user achieve a fit physique. It’s also important to maintain a healthy level if they want mind clarity, good sleep quality, and increased athletic performance.

Help your male gym buddy become the best he can be! Order a bottle of HGH booster for him this holiday season.

13. PRE Workout by SculptNation

There are tons of pre-workout supplements in the market. But which one is the perfect brand to give to your workout buddy?

One of the best gift ideas for your active gym buddy is the PRE Workout. It’s a supplement that enhances the body’s athletic ability by boosting nitric oxide levels.

Unlike other stimulants, this doesn’t give the user jitters, cold sweats, and other symptoms of caffeine overdose. Plus, it doesn’t end in an energy crash.

Instead, it provides emphasized and sustainable energy levels to help the user bust out heavier reps every single time. Here’s the best part – it’s available in three delicious flavors! Try PRE Workout in Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, or Peach flavor. Order one for your favorite gym buddy today so they can start having more intense training sessions.

14. Burn by SculptNation

Burn AM by SculptNation | Cool Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiast

Help your fitness buddy achieve a lean, shredded physique with SculptNation’s Burn. It’s a 24-hour fat-burning supplement that sources energy from body fat rather than carbs.

That way, the energy they exhaust at the gym comes directly from the flab in their thighs, belly, arms, and other problem areas. Plus, it gives them a lasting energy boost that’ll help them go hard and heavy every time they hit the gym.

This is the perfect supplement to use this holiday season since your friends are bound to eat a little too much. With this, they can exhaust the extra fat they gained and convert them into energy.

After the holidays, not only will they maintain their weight, but they might even lose a bit of body fat as well. Order one for your friend today!

Gym Gear

15. Sweat-Proof Headphones

Gym-goers know too well how much of a pain it is when you drench your headphones in sweat. Plus, regular headphones are too quick to pop out during moderate to heavy exercise sessions.

One of the best workout gifts you can give a fitness buff is a new pair of sweat-proof headphones. Make sure to get one that can withstand intense sweat sessions of HIIT, CrossFit, and strength training.

16. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat | Cool Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiast

A great workout gift for your friends who do calisthenics or yoga sessions is a yoga mat. Nothing’s worse than getting dirt and grime all over your sweat-coated body.

With a yoga mat, they can lie down on the floor as much as they want. Plus, it’s not expensive. You can get these exercise gifts for just a few bucks.

17. Shaker Bottle

One of the coolest fitness gift ideas for your protein-addicted friend is a shaker bottle. If you drink protein shakes, you know you can never have too many shaker bottles.

Make sure to choose a sturdy shaker bottle that can withstand a moderate beating. That way, your friend can bring it to various sporting activities.

18. Face Towel Set

Face Towel Set | Cool Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiast

Sometimes the best fitness gifts to give are the simple yet practical items your friend can use on a daily basis.

For example, a set of face towels is affordable yet very useful. Your friend will surely appreciate functional workout gifts like these.

Tip: To add more sentimental value to it, you can personalize the towels by having a tailor stitch your friend’s name on it.

Also, choose a set that contains an array of colors. Imagine how boring it’d be if you gave your friend a 10-piece face towel set that all have the same colors.

19. Gym Duffle Bag

If you want to spoil your friend a bit, one of the most solid gym gifts would be a duffle bag. It may be among the best gifts for gym lovers since they can use it for various things.

For example, they can use it while traveling to and from the office. Similarly, your friend can also use it to store their gym clothes. If they want, they can even bring it with them to the mountains for some camping fun.

Tip: Opt to buy a durable, heavy duty bag. Active fitness buffs need a bag that can keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle.

20. Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands | Cool Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiast

If you’re in the market for some gifts for exercise lovers, then you should definitely consider getting some resistance bands.

Fitness buffs can use them to ramp up their bodyweight exercises. At the same time, resistance bands allow the user to get a deeper stretch to release tight, sore muscles.

Plus, these gifts for fitness are easy to maintain. Just throw it in the wash, let it dry, and it’s good as new.

21. Water Bottle

A cool health and fitness gift to give your active loved ones would be an insulated water bottle. Health buffs can never have too many water bottles.

They’re versatile, easy to clean, and durable. Plus, they can use it for various purposes.

Your friend can use it to carry around coffee, juice, tea, a protein shake, and of course, water. Any active health buff will surely appreciate this Christmas gift.

22. Running Shoes

Running Shoes | Cool Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiast

Is your pal an avid runner? Then one of the best workout gift ideas would be a new pair of running shoes.

Get a sturdy pair made especially for running. Your friend will definitely appreciate the soft bounce and light feeling of a good pair of running shoes.

Tip: Sprinters and marathoners use different pairs. Make sure to determine beforehand which one they are.

23. Dri-Fit Shirt

One struggle gym-goers have is not having enough workout clothes to wear. Laundry day just can’t keep up with the amount of workouts gym buffs have in a single week.

One of the coolest gifts for fitness freaks would be a few pairs of sweat-repelling dri-fit shirts. Grab a few in different colors and give them to your workout buddy.

That way, they won’t have to worry about not having enough workout clothes for the week.

Tip: These types of gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive. It’s more practical to buy multiple pairs of affordable shirts than a single expensive one.

24. Fruit Blender

Fruit Blender | Cool Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiast

This coming holiday season, give your loved ones the gifts of health –a fruit blender. It’s a simple kitchen appliance fitness buffs can use to create their pre- and post-workout shakes.

Plus, it might be the motivation they need to cut out sugary drinks from their diet. Instead of opening a can of soda, your friends can use the blender you gave them to pulse a delicious, healthy fruit smoothie.

25. Stopwatch

Gym-goers know how frustrating it is to keep checking the phone every time you clock a workout. But with a stopwatch, they can focus on performing their workout routine without having to consistently check the time.

It’s one of the perfect active gift ideas for fitness buffs who do running, circuit training, and calisthenics, among others.

Tip: If you’re hosting a party this holiday season, a stopwatch should definitely be one of the fitness prizes you give away. It’s both affordable and practical.

26. Jump Rope

Jump Rope | Cool Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiast

Give your workout buddy the ability to do HIIT exercises wherever they are. Jump rope exercises are great workouts that help lower your overall body fat.

Plus, it doesn’t take up too much luggage space. As such, your friend can take it with them wherever they go.

27. Adjustable Dumbbells

The main struggle with gifting dumbbells is the user may outgrow them in just a few months. At the same time, it’s not really practical to buy your friend multiple pairs of dumbbells.

Luckily, you only need to buy a single pair of adjustable dumbbells your gym buddy can use forever.

These are space-saving dumbbells you can adjust to match the weight you want. Most systems can go from 5lbs. to 50lbs. with just one click.


Get ripped in 90 days! Watch the video below:

These are just some of the best holiday presents for your fellow fitness enthusiasts. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when coming up with gift ideas. Take time to analyze exactly what your buddy needs. Think of something they can use all year round. The last thing you’d want to give is a seasonal item that provides no functional use.

What fitness gift ideas have you come up with? Share them with us in the comments down below!

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